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Say Watt?

Jun 2, 2021

What does an endurance athlete, police officer and Black woman do when her various identities collide with a national tragedy, all while she’s training for the Police Unity Tour in honor of fallen officers? If she’s Alisha Zellner, she pedals her full-self into the forefront of critical social justice conversations by bringing her local community together to ride bikes and begin a conversation on the issues that impact her life and the lives of so many others.

Join us as Alisha discusses what it’s like to live at the intersection of her sometimes contradictory identities, what she’s doing to help through her organization Bike Ride for Black Lives, and of course, about her cycling and triathlon plans for the coming year. In this candid and fun conversation, Alisha shares a number of very practical ideas for how we can all work to make the sport we love so much more inclusive—including something you’re already doing…riding your bike!

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